Not for Profit but for Global Progress

We are known by our annual contribution and matchless zeal in global fiestas and through our dynamic community, which forms the heart and soul of our foundation. Our commitment and dedication towards continuous global progress is unbreakable.

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What We Believe?

We believe in networking in such a way that it becomes a global family of innovators, businessmen, tech experts, investors, founders, stakeholders, social leaders, and journalists to make a cohesive effort for a better future.

What Is Our Vision?

It is our vision to make a high-tech, least-troublesome, and hassle-free future accessible to all people across the world. There should be harmony between the finance and tech worlds for this purpose.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to fulfill our vision using all possible and fair techniques as well as joining diverse global networks to make them cohesive and coordinative enough to overcome all challenges.


I am happy to be a part of the Fintech Ideas festival in 2019. The organization, talent, and execution were matchless.

Melinda ManhattanFounder & CEO

Through this event, I came to know for the first time how important it is to integrate with other verticals of your industry to flourish and compete.

Johnathan MillerMarketing Manager

I recognize how vast the field of finance can be when you coordinate with the technical vertical. Hats off to this event!

Nancy BrownFinance Manager

Our Success on the Timeline

What We Did?

1988 – 1990

This was the first decade through which we faced many challenges, issues, and shortages in organizing the fiesta across the globe. However, by partnering with skillful groups, we could overcome it easily although just before the event. Yet, we knew we have to learn much more than what we got to learn during this period.

1990 – 2000

This was the time when we saw many ups and downs yet our fiestas were tagged as quite better by many CEOs and professionals than those of the previous decade. We lost some partners due to unavoidable circumstances but made countless more to become more proficient and prompter in looking for talent for this fiesta.

2000 – 2019

This decade was full of golden opportunities for us. New talents, new experts, and new professionals started joining the fiesta through us. We also got more sponsors to help us financially and professionals to help us technically. While we felt in the air, we still made ourselves stand on the ground to be humble and polite from all aspects.

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