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No fiesta or summit can start without integrating all the functional verticals of both finance and tech worlds.

For bringing any two industries together, it is essential to know their functional verticals and make them participate in every brainstorming session, fiesta, or summit. Without this, we cannot think about an issue or a challenge in a comprehensive way. For example, if we do not know which finance niches are targeting which specific audience, we may never be able to gauge the impact of the perceived or project challenge on all audience or customers. Thus, we ensure that all verticals are covered and at least three people represent their verticals in the meet.

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Cohesiveness is the Key!

For any event to be successful, it is not only the number of participants that plays a big role but it is also how well the unify, interconnect, and make a solid bond. This is what we strongly believe. Thus, we never pay attention to quantity only. Quality, for us, comes in the form of meeting new people in the event for having friendly and formal interactions. This is essential to facilitate exchange of ideas, stories, concepts, and several other things. Without this, no event participant is fruitful. Our team along with the chosen speakers strives well to establish and sustain this connection. However, we do expect some simple introductory effort from your side too.

Science & Specialization We aim to cover all aspects of this domain, right from medical to spatial along with the possible probability of specialization in the new areas.

Technical & Financial Focusing on these two domains is the default task. Our team keeps an eye on anything that is beneficial for them and shares it.

Initiative & Innovation We are always at the forefront to look for new initiatives and innovative trials through fiestas and summit for empowerment.

Social & Industrial We are always behind the new approaches to health, digitalization, security, and other aspects, which impact societies and industries.

We will never compromise certain things during any fiesta or summit. Read below…

Organizing a fiesta or a summit is not that easy if there is no proper coordination. This is a normal belief. However, we believe in something else too. Any event is unsuccessful if:

There is a conflict of any kind that can result in a difference to an extent such that the bonding, if established, is broken or is not established at all despite good communication earlier.

Someone says something that is objectionable by criticizing to an extent that does not attribute to an acceptable speech. Thus, we request you to mind your words. Sorry, we do not give anyone the freedom to take the law in hands or hurt someone’s reputation.

Any kind of plotting or conspiracy is caught with evidence by anyone against anybody. This is truly not going to be tolerated.

Anything else that can spoil the purpose of the meet, reverse it, or harm it knowingly or unknowingly.

Our Team

It is a mix of different experts working at the various hierarchies in both tech and finance domains. It is pretty dynamic and are geographically distant.

Know Them

Do you wish to know them? Well, you can know about them in detail on our website. While you cannot call them personally, you can meet them in person in an event.


Our Sponsors

They are a mix of diverse experienced people who have been sponsoring other organizers and researchers. So, they are not totally new or unexperienced.

Know Them

Do you wish to know them? Well, you can know about them in detail on our website. While you cannot call them personally, you can meet them in person in an event.


Taking care of all participants is also our goal apart from establishing bonds and inter- and intra-connections. Care, here, means not only comfort and convenience but also safety from all possible risks, which can be in any form. Thus, our organizing team takes utmost care that all participants take back only useful learnings and sweet memories home. For this, we ensure safety cameras, proper registrations, and valid member ID per participant despite belonging to one group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions to ask? No need to call. Check out the below answers to the most commonly asked questions.

01. What are the dates of upcoming Fintech fiesta?

Due to the unexpected pandemic of COVID-19, we have canceled the fiesta for the year 2020. Still, this decision is yet not fully approved. We are in continuous contact with the different officials, boards, partners, and sponsors to brainstorm the possible solution for a positive outcome. We shall flash the final decision on our Home page in some time.

02. What topics do you tend to cover in the Fintech fiesta?

Well, the exact answer is subjected to the chosen speakers. However, we assure you that we deal with the latest topics related to the recent introductions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), biometrics, financial data management and privacy, and cybersecurity.

03. In which language do you conduct the festival?

The official language of the festival is English. However, we value other famous languages as well. Thus, we have organized for simultaneous translations in French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

04. Where can I see the schedule or agenda of the festival?

You get to see on the Home page itself. However, the time when the schedule is shared is usually three months before the event. As a tip, we recommend to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get all the latest news before time.

05. Can I meet a specific speaker during the festival?

Yes, it is possible. However, it requires a little bit of effort from your side. Each speaker, once their job is over, comes to the Fun zone. So, it is wise to keep an eye on the schedule and find out when your preferable speaker is on stage. At that time, you should come to the Fun zone and wait to meet her or him.

06. What to do if I need a visa to attend the festival?

Simple! Simply contact us by e-mailing us your personal details. Once you do so, we send you an invitation through a letter.